Over the years, possessions accumulate pretty quickly, so it can be a little overwhelming when it’s time to move and pack. Moving from a larger home into independent living is no small task, so it’s best to start early and work in stages so you’re not overwhelmed. Here are some tips to help make the process more manageable.

Take Inventory

You won’t have a clear picture of how much you have to sort until you take inventory of everything you own. This will help you understand the number of possessions you’ll need to handle in your move.

Make a Donation & Toss Pile

A lot of items will need to make their way to a donation site or the trash bin. Basically, if it’s in good condition, you can likely donate it. Otherwise, it is best to toss away.

Tackle Manageable Amounts

Trying to tackle the entire house in one weekend or even one day will likely make the process more overwhelming than it already is. Take on small sections of your home such as a room or a closet, making a clean sweep of each area before you move forward.

Determine Hand Me Downs

Knowing some of your possessions will end up in family homes can make the decision to get rid of them easier. Determine what you will want to keep in the family and who will get what.


Electronic storage can help eliminate a lot of your physical media without having to sacrifice its content. Scan photographs, scrapbooks and kids’ art to eliminate the need to store them.

For many, downsizing is one of the most difficult parts of starting a new chapter, but it is an important part of the process nonetheless. We hope you can utilize these tips for a smoother transition! If you have any questions about moving into Independent Living at Sharmar Village or for more tips,  please contact us!

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