Whether you’re looking for yourself or you’re looking for a loved one, choosing a rehabilitation center can be overwhelming. They provide a number of opportunities for seniors to maintain their health and improve their abilities, so choosing the right one is incredibly important for the future. Here are a few ways that we recommend you narrow down and ultimately choose a rehabilitation center.

Talk to the Staff

Considering a majority of yours or your loved one’s time will be spent with the staff, it’s important to get to know them. Understanding how they care and what their qualifications are is incredibly important, but so is getting to know them as people. Talk to the short-term rehabilitation staff to ask questions about their career, style, treatment plans and experience, so you can understand how they function.

Tour the Facility

Get to know the campus! Ask to see patient rooms and common living spaces to evaluate the levels of cleanliness, comfort, and privacy that residents have. You might be lucky and catch an activity going on or a meal, so you can get a sense of what the community is like.

Ask About Equipment

In rehabilitation, it is likely that you will be using many if not all pieces of equipment. Equipment varies from facility to facility, so if there is something specific you know that you will want or need for yourself or a loved one, that will play a big part in which short-term rehabilitation center that you choose.

Talk to Residents

While you are touring, take some time to talk to current residents. Ask them what their schedule is like or how their treatment plan works. You can also talk to them about non-rehabilitation related things like activities, dining, or their room. Talking to current residents is an easy way to see what life is like both inside and outside of treatment.

By the end, you will have a good idea of where you were the most comfortable, and where the best care will be for your or your loved one.

Here at Sharmar Village, our goal of short-term rehabilitation stays is for our residents to be able to return to their highest level of function and return home with the resources required to continue living at home in the most dignified, independent manner possible. If you have any questions about our campus or our care, please contact us or request a tour!

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