Occupational therapy (OT) is a blend of mental, physical, and psychological exercises to enable patients to perform everyday activities. While occupational therapy is for any age, it is extremely beneficial to have an occupational therapist for seniors who feel as if they are no longer able to meet day-to-day challenges.

At Sharmar Village, our occupational therapists work with seniors on daily activities in our rehab center as needed such as bathing, dressing and eating to promote a smooth transition to their lives back home.

Following are the key benefits of having an occupational therapist for seniors:

Increases Movement Range

One of the more common and helpful techniques used by therapists is “range of motion” (ROM) exercises. This is particularly helpful in the case of elderly patients who have worn out their ligaments, have stiff joints, or are ailed by arthritis.

Helps with Vision Loss

Vision therapy includes exercises for the eyes and brain to improve vision without surgical treatment. Seniors who struggle with double vision, lazy eye, balance, dizziness, strabismus, and reading benefit greatly from this.

Helps with Chronic Pain

Occupational therapists work to form specific strategies that allow seniors to do the things they used to do or want to do but don’t anymore because of pain. Seniors receive help either overcoming limitations or finding alternatives during therapy.

Minimizes Everyday Challenges

By focusing on what they can do rather than what they can’t, occupational therapists teach patients to do daily tasks safely based on their abilities. This includes but is not limited to getting dressed, eating, bathing and using the restroom.

Provides Recommended Home Modifications

Occupational therapists recommend modifications like getting a bathtub seat or grab bars to make daily activities safer and easier at home. This not only helps to prevent accidents, but it allows the patient to grow their confidence in performing said tasks.

Remember, no two patients are the same, so the benefit of an occupational therapist for seniors will change depending on their needs.

If you have any questions about Occupational Therapy at Sharmar Village, please contact us or request a tour!

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