11 Aug 21

Residents and Family Members,


As part of the containment plan directed by health officials, we have initiated daily testing of unvaccinated staff members (we have 4 on campus with 3 working toward fully vaccinated status) and any unvaccinated residents who may leave the facility overnight (0 at current time).  Reviewing recent CDC and state statistics related to the delta variant has identified current positive results are 99% delta variant in the state.  County vaccination participation is 48.1% with one shot and 43.6% with both shots (or 1 if Johnson & Johnson).  For our 65 and older population, we are at 83% for one shot and 78% with two shots.  On campus, 93% of Sharmar residents are fully vaccinated and 87% of Chateau residents are fully vaccinated.  Chateau would be higher but until we receive a copy of the vaccination card, we classify residents as unvaccinated.


Included is a letter from state related to facility direction for visitation.  There is nothing new in this information, just from a source different than our weekly letters.  If you have any questions, please let me know.


Active outbreaks one to 9 active in the community with 1 of those being in health facilities/entities.  The last identified outbreak was on 8/4 at a restaurant.  Positives through 9 Aug is at 35 with 257 reported in July while the rolling average for positive results for individuals tested over 7 days, increased to 9.8 % from 4.6%.  Parkview Hospital hospitalizations related to COVID is currently 9 cases while St Mary Corwin has 0 COVID case in their care.  Parkview reported occupancy at 206 while St Mary Corwin is reporting 51 for occupancy.  This leaves 28 available beds between the hospitals.


This letter is provided electronically either through email or our website.  We do mail a copy the first week a new admit joins us if no email has been provided to share the information how to receive future copies via the website.  If you are not receiving by email and would like to do so, let us know your address.  Please contact the facilities with your questions.



Keith Jackson

Executive Director

Attached State Letter to Families


Dedicated to protecting and improving the health and environment of the people of Colorado
July 23, 2021
Dear family member,
Thank you for your continued COVID-19 pandemic response cooperation. We still need
to remain vigilant to prevent serious illness for our loved ones in residential care
facilities. The recent emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus Delta variant has highlighted
the concerns we continue to face.
We understand the challenges evolving mitigation guidance brings to you and your
loved ones and have done our best to factor in all the consequences of additional
prevention measures. Residential care facilities remain on the frontline of Colorado’s
fight against COVID-19.
Visitors are strongly encouraged to undergo regular COVID-19 testing prior to visiting
to ensure your loved one’s safety, as well as the larger community. Colorado sponsors
more than 80 free community testing sites throughout the state. These sites do not
require identification, insurance, or a doctor’s note. Use the map and list to find a
free community test site near you. Additionally, the state is providing testing that
might be available to visitors at your loved one’s facility. Early detection of the virus
is extremely important to keep everyone safe.
When preparing to visit, please talk with your family member’s facility for rules and
guidelines specific to visitation. Your family member’s facility must follow visitation
While in the facility, please follow the facility’s instructions for safe visitation. Failure
to comply with visitation rules can result in your visit being cut short. Visitation is
vitally important to both residents and family members, but must be conducted safely
for everyone’s health.
If you have any questions about the current visitation guidance, please contact
residentialcarestriketeam@state.co.us. Once again, thank you for your patience and
understanding as we strive to best protect our most vulnerable Coloradans.
4300 Cherry Creek Drive S., Denver, CO 80246-1530 P 303-692-2000 www.colorado.gov/cdphe
Jared Polis, Governor | Jill Hunsaker Ryan, MPH, Executive Director

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