14 Jul 21

Residents and Family Members,


The Delta variant continues as the primary variant identified in the state’s positive cases.  The last week in Jun 89% of identified positive cases tested for the Delta variant.  Looking at state data from 1 Jun – yesterday, there have been 20,061 positive cases with 143 deaths over this period.  Review of posted data for Pueblo County indicates 3% of the positive cases have been identified as the Delta variant with the primary variant being Alpha (this has been the primary in the county throughout this year).


As a reminder, whenever visiting residents a mask is required for both visitor and resident regardless of vaccination status (this is for both indoor and outdoor visits).  Our bi-weekly call with the state will be conducted today and we will monitor for any changes to the states/CDCs infection control directives.


Active outbreaks have reduced to 12 still active in the community with 3 of those being in health facilities/entities (2 new in the last two weeks).  The last identified outbreak was on 7/9 and at an assisted living.  Positives for Jul are 59 while the rolling average for positive results for individuals tested in the last 7 days, decreased from to 1.6 % from 7.2%.  Parkview Hospital hospitalizations related to COVID is currently 12 cases while St Mary Corwin has 0 COVID cases in their care.  Parkview reported occupancy at 191 while St Mary Corwin is reporting 39 for occupancy.  This leaves 55 available beds between the hospitals.


This letter is provided electronically either through email or our website.  We do mail a copy the first week a new admit joins us if no email has been provided to share the information how to receive future copies via the website.  If you are not receiving by email and would like to do so, let us know your address.  Please contact the facilities with your questions.



Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson

Executive Director

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