23 Jun 21

Residents and Family Members,


We have received word from the state health officials in the past week related to a variant of interest.  While identified in additional areas of the state, this variant has been most observed in Mesa County.  Specifically, the outbreaks have been occurring at a higher rate in Assisted Living environments within the county.  Another point stressed is most residents identified as positive were fully vaccinated and the majority were asymptomatic.  Continuing to maintain our infection control practices of mask wearing, hand hygiene and following the directed visitation practices is our best defense against a potential future outbreak.  We have not received any information from our county health officials indicating a current concern with the variant in Pueblo County.


A significant positive data point occurred as we did not see any increase in positives through the 14-day incubation period since Memorial Day.  Will be interested in our ability to achieve the same success after July 4th holiday festivities.  If we are successful in minimizing positives through the incubation period after the holiday, we may see the next round of reduced infection control direction from CDC/CMS.


Active outbreaks have reduced to 18 (20 last week) still active in the community with 3 of those being in health facilities/entities (0 new in the last week).  The last identified outbreak was on 6/14 and at a school.  Positives for Jun are 165 while the rolling average for positive results for individuals tested in the last 7 days, increased slightly to 2.7% from 2.5% previously.  Parkview Hospital decreased hospitalizations related to COVID with 17 cases while St Mary Corwin has 0 COVID cases in their care.  Parkview reported occupancy at 138 (decrease of 60 from last week which is first time since receiving census data the occupancy has been this low) while St Mary Corwin is reporting 3 for occupancy.  This leaves 144 available beds between the hospitals.


This letter is provided electronically either through email or our website.  We do mail a copy the first week a new admit joins us if no email has been provided to share the information how to receive future copies via the website.  If you are not receiving by email and would like to do so, let us know your address.  Please contact the facilities with your questions.



Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson

Executive Director

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