30 Sep 21

Residents and Family Members,


Mandatory vaccination is effective in Colorado for workers in our setting effective tomorrow.  The pertains to an individual who has the potential for exposure to clients of the facility or agency and/or to infectious materials, including bodily substances, contaminated medical supplies and equipment, contaminated environmental surfaces, or contaminated air.  As we had made the vaccine a condition of employment, no issues are present for our staff.  We have a few that are not employees but meet the criteria for who this applies that may decide not to get vaccinated by today and will not be allowed back on campus until fully vaccinated per the emergency rule.


Active outbreaks have increased by another 3 to 21 active in the community with no new outbreaks in health facilities.   Daily positives have been trending up since the beginning of the month and 1372 positives have been reported through 29 Sep while the rolling average for positive results for individuals tested in the last 7 days increased to 9.8% from 8.4% according to the county report.  Parkview Hospital hospitalizations related to COVID is currently 40 cases while St Mary Corwin has 6 COVID case in their care.  Parkview reported occupancy at 213 while St Mary Corwin is reporting 53 for occupancy.  This leaves 19 available beds between the hospitals.


Reviewing CDC COVID data for Pueblo County, cases have increased 8% in the last week.  Positivity has shown a minimal increase with testing increasing by 3.4%.  New hospitalizations have increased by 50% however beds in use remained the same with ICU bed usage increasing1.3%.  Vaccinations for all county residents increased to 52.4% of residents with one does and 47.5% fully vaccinated.


This letter is provided electronically either through email or our website.  We do mail a copy the first week a new admit joins us if no email has been provided to share the information how to receive future copies via the website.  If you are not receiving by email and would like to do so, let us know your address.  Please contact the facilities with your questions.



Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson

Executive Director

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